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Susnset Studios

Sunset Studios in the south west of Gran Canaria

We have a lovely sunny studio in a very well situated part of Gran Canaria.

The studio was built by ourselves with the help of friends during 2022.

We are musicians ourselves and know how much fun it can be to record, but prefer to do this process in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Hence our move to the South of Gran Canaria where the sun pretty much shines all year round!

Sunset Studios facilitate recording, mixing and living areas in one of the most beautiful parts of Gran Canaria.

Come share this little paradise with us :).

Recording Studio

The live room is fully equipped and has natural sunlight.

A range of guitars and percussion are available, so you can travel light.

Quadcortex is being used to get the sounds you desire for your guitars and basses.

The live room can cater for up to 6 individual headphone mixes for live recordings.

All recordings can be supplied as stems or if desired mixed and mastered.

Video production is also on offer if desired. There are many stunning locations with a great variety of landscapes close by.

live room

What Artists say

I would just like to thank you for all your hard work, you pushed me in a positive way and it was a truly wonderful experience, absolute privilege to have you at the helm, I think you captured the Yes Men’s seriousness and send up at the same time, also listening to it back what a superb performance from Daryl, I had the opportunity to overdub and change parts which he didn’t (and didn’t have to) anyway once again a complete honour 🤟



Guitar Hero at Yes Men

It was a very nice, easy going and chilled recording session. Perfect monitoring situation, nice guitars, basses and amps. In every part it was a superb experience. Also a spontaneous and fun video shot as an addition. All in all a week oscillating between recording, snorkeling, hiking and relaxing. Pure fun with our great host Philipp.



Guitar & Bass & Vox @ Boxi Heini & Chri

Sunset studios is a first rate creative retreat and studio. An affordable destination that has such a warm welcome in an incredible setting. It wastes no time at all in putting you at ease and giving you the head space you need to create. I found that I was immediately able to tap into my creativity without having to force anything such is the magic of the place. I was also able to dial in so many sounds with the equipment there it felt endless. It’s safe to say I didn’t want to leave! 💫


Barry Straight

Multi Instrumentalist & session musician

Band Retreat

Facilities and things to do

Band Retreat:

Sunset Studios is an all in one band recording solution. There are 4 guest rooms available for the artists. A kitchen where we can cook and a communal living room. Sunset Studios has a spacious roof terrace which is ideal for eating breakfast and enjoying the views of the sea and the mountains. There is also a garden to relax in where you can enjoy the flowers and the desert plants, watch some lizards sunbathe and enjoy our cats lazing arround.There is enough room for everyone to have their own private space. The recording studio and the live room is in the same house and accessible at any time.

Relax, connect and create. It is up to you if you prefer to do your own thing in the morning, like go for a swim first in and then record in the afternoon or stay out all day and record in the evenings when it is a bit cooler.

santa agueda

The coastline which is about 10 minutes walk away, has 7 different beaches to explore. At El Pajar beach, the nearest beach to the studio, there are turtles all year round and if you are lucky and go at the right time you’ll see one of them. Further there are beautiful eagle rays that also like to hang out there. We can provide snorkeling gear so that you can explore the amazing underwater wonders of the many beaches nearby.

We also have bicycles available which you can use to explore the surrounding areas.

This magical island has a lot to offer and if you are interested in anything in particular we can organise an excursion either to a well known sight such as the famous Dunes of Maspalomas or venture off the beaten path and hike in desert canyons to be amazed by the surreal landscapes.

santa agueda

Our Team

Team img



Producer, sound engineer, musician, cook, tour guide, driver. General roadie for all that is needed to get your creativity going.

Team img


General Assistant

Assisting with the wellbeing of the musician guests, Moral and Mental support! Experimental Vegan baker and responsible for all things cat related. Go to person for news and things to do on the island.

Team img


Lizzard King

Keeps the house and studio free of lizards. Likes cuddles but prefers food.

Team img



100% love in cat format. Angel in disguised form.

Team img



Singing coach. Studio maintenance and belly flopping + bunny(gummy) claws.

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For any questions please write to us via the contact form. We aim to respond as soon as we can. Booking availability and pricing on request.

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